Tifosi Podium XC Sunglasses Review


            Sunglasses. What began as a pure and simple piece of equipment to protect one’s eyes from the sun’s harsh rays has evolved dramatically over the years, finding a niche in nearly every social sphere, cycling included. Tifosi Optics has risen to the task of creating sunglasses that meet the performance needs of everyone from recreational to professional riders without asking buyers to choose between their product and that shiny new accessory you saw in the bike shop last week.

            Since I started riding, I have worn sunglasses nearly every time I hop on my bike, whether it’s warm and sunny or freezing and overcast. They protect my eyes from whatever the ride may throw at them—bright sunlight, rain, high winds, dirt from the wheel in front of you, etc.—which I especially appreciate since I wear contacts. Moreover, they just make me feel one step closer to those demi-gods of the peloton, and science has proven that confidence improves performance (i.e. the placebo effect).

I used to wear a generic pair that I bought from a department store, but after purchasing Tifosi’s Podium XC, I won’t ever a cheap pair on a ride again. The Podium model comprises of four pieces—the nosepiece, the lens, and the two side pieces. This modular design allows one to switch between lenses (black, clear, and colored lenses were provided) with ease, and one can even purchase individual replacement pieces in the event that any one breaks. Furthermore, the nose- and side-pieces can be bent so you can find that perfect fit. Perhaps most appealing is that these glasses come at the relatively affordable price of $69.99. I’ll admit that I’ve never worn some of those higher-end brands for more than a minute or two, but I highly doubt they can offer anything to justify a $200 price tag. Furthermore, I have never been a fan of sunglasses so…bold. For me, the Tifosi Podium XC sunglasses offer one of (if not the best) values on the market—no compromises in performance or comfort at a price even a college student can afford.

Few accessories can simultaneously protect one’s own eyes while drawing those of others, the right pair of glasses do just that and more: they can also make a subtle, yet proud statement of one’s very identity. The Tifosi XC sunglasses express a tasteful practicality—an unwillingness to compromise neither performance nor price—and a commitment to the sport of cycling.