2017: The Year We Ride

“The Year We Ride On”

We all know the feeling.

Shortness of breath, legs on fire, desperately searching for the end of the climb you find yourself on you wonder how the line between pain and pleasure can get so blurred..

You ask yourself why anyone would subject themselves to the pain you endure as you finally reach the top to find… relief, satisfaction, and the will to press on. That’s what can be so satisfying about a bike ride. Each experience has its own story arc and keeps you coming back for more.

What makes a great ride?

For us, sometimes it’s about the company you keep along the way, and other times it’s simply the satisfaction of cresting those hills you thought you couldn’t climb. There’s also something to be said for finding yourself out on a county road with complete silence save the sound of your gears clicking and the whirring of your wheels through the wind.

Life can be pretty simple behind (handle)bars. Just pedal. We all have our reasons for why we ride. It’s a good way to set aside the mundane, and have a bit of adventure in your day. The county line sprint can be a good way to let out some steam, too. 

Here at Ride On Bikes, we’re looking to recapture the thrills of a great ride. The slower months of winter can be a great time to catch up- and we’ve been busy. We’ve got a lot of things in the works for more group rides, and we’re not talking just the Riverwalk.. We have a vision for where our cycling community can go, and we’re calling all cyclists to join.

2017 is the year we Ride On… Will you?