Employee Spotlight: Byron


You might say that Byron’s tolerance is paper thin… And you’d be right.


2000ths tolerance. 0.05 millimeters. The width of a piece of paper.That’s all the allowance Byron had with cuts during his time in precision machinery. That leaves little room for error.

That’s how he can find that noise on your bike that’s been driving you crazy. That’s how he can diagnose tricky mechanical issues that leave other bike mechanics scratching their head. It’s all about the details.

Byron has been a mechanic in the bike industry for 18 years and has been riding for 31 years. Born in California to a military family, Byron found himself in quite a few cities before moving to Columbus. He has enjoyed all the routes and rides that he has been able to find in his time here and doesn’t plan on leavingsoon. When he says riding, he means logging 10,000 miles a year!

He cites the 2002 Savannah Century as one of his best rides ever.

100 miles in 

4 hours and 6 minutes.

“We covered 27 miles in the first hour. We were flying,” Byron said while looking over his glasses from across the lunch table. “All you could hear was the sound of gears clicking and the humming of wheels. It was an incredible ride that year.”

Whether it’s fixing bikes or riding them, he’s not someone you want to bet against. He set out to ride to Panama City on a $50 bet… 

And won. 

After 13 hours, lots of rain, working with toe straps and friction shifters, he made it back to tell the tale. The downside to the story is that he’s still waiting on that $50.

“I know I could have made more money staying in the precision machinery industry, ” he says “but bikes are just too much fun.”

When asked why he enjoys riding bikes so much his answer was simply, “there’s just something special about getting out on two wheels and on the open road.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Ride On, friends.