Muc-Off Chain Cleaner Review

            If you’re like me, you’ve got a midterm exam, a 5 page paper, and/or a group project (with the obligatory Powerpoint presentation) due seemingly every week and have to wake up at 4am to squeeze in a precious hour or two on the bike before getting on with the grind.

Chances are, you aren’t like me, but you probably are just as strapped for time, and we all have to admit that when schedules get tight, bike maintenance tends to be one of the first things we neglect. Routine bike maintenance, however, really is essential for ensuring quality performance on the road and for extending components’ lifespan, especially for the drivetrain. Keeping your chain and cassette clean and oiled is probably one of the most important of tasks every cyclist should perform regularly. Fortunately, Muc-Off has a product designed specifically for those of us squeezing in rides before sunrise or during your kid’s soccer practice.

Muc-Off’s aerosol Chain Cleaner is one of the simplest and must effect on the market. It can be applied to the chain, cassette, and chainrings with the bike leaning up against a wall and takes only seconds to dry. Wipe away any residue, apply some fresh lube, and in less than 5 minutes, your bike’s drivetrain will be in top condition for the next time you’re ready to take it out.

The only bad thing about Muc-Off’s chain cleaner is that after purchasing it, you no longer have an excuse if you ever roll up to the group ride with a dirty chain and (heaven forbid) a nasty black chain tat.