Wahoo Kickr

Want something that will make you sweat more than you ever have before? The wahoo kikr is the place to start. Easy to use straight out of the box! Plug it in, connect to zwift and get pedaling. The first few minutes are easily deceiving, you find your groove when your average wattage needs to double or even triple. Time for the pain train baby! As you mash down the gears and pick up your cadence you’ll notice a strange substance pouring from all over your body. Your first thought may be, is it raining or did I just get in the shower? No that’s your body’s reaction to hard work, so keep going! Wait that guy just passed me on the road, better pedal harder! Highly recommend this product to cyclists from any skill level as you adapt it to your needs with workouts based on your FTP level. Visit Ride on Bikes for a demo and test drive of the in store demo model and you’ll be going home with one today! -Ambassador Caleb Kemble

 Kickr has allowed me actually train when time and weather has tried to block it. I have a very busy work schedule so it is tough for me to make group rides or get out in the afternoons. Having the Kickr gives me the opportunity to get an hour or so of realistic riding in before work or after the kids go to bed. Match the kickr with Zwift and you have a full bore realistic computer game that is controlled by your body and your bike. You get training and fun. I even participated in a virtual group ride with people from around the world this morning before work. I think the key for the Kickr is the realism that it adds to the trainer. It actually feels like you are on a real bike trail.   -Ambassador Dale Sides

If you guys are on the fence about getting an indoor direct drive trainer, this article may help you make the decision! (I bet you can't guess which one won!!) I upgraded my smart trainer this past november to a wahoo kickr. What a great piece of kit. I was lucky enough to walk in to ride on bikes just after they got a shipment in of the new version 2017 Kickr. Carried it home, had it up and running, calibrated etc within an hour. Coming from a wheel on smart trainer to a direct drive trainer took only a little bit of getting used to. Both serve their purpose, the big plus for the wheel on, they're much more inexpensive. The direct drive is more expensive but has a bit more variability and also feels slightly more realistic, you don't have wheel slip which can be encountered with a wheel on trainer. FYI, I completed the tron bike challenge on zwift with the Kickr. I highly recommend one if it's in your budget. FYI, Ride On has one setup and logged on to zwift at all times, drop in and give it a try! And if you prefer a wheel on smart trainer Wahoo also makes the Kickr Snap! -Ambassador Chris Smith