Action for Autism

269523_2171009520631_1559490_nRyan Bush rides for a reason, he rides with a purpose, he rides to show that we can do anything when we put our minds to it no matter the obstacle is. He writes: "Ride on Bikes has given me a chance to Race for a reason and ride for a reason and for that I am forever grateful. This is why I ride and race to show Action for Autism : Action for Autism is a chance for Nicole and I to race for more than the finish line. It's an opportunity for us to bring AWARENESS and ACCEPTANCE of those effected by Autism. Each race: 5k, half marathon, full ironman.... gives us an opportunity to share our story, to share our love for our family. When Gracie was first diagnosed we made a choice, a choice to jump to action. To get the therapies, the medicine... whatever it takes to help her have a fulfilled life. Along the way we realized the best, most important thing we can do for her is to EMBRACE her and surround her by people that love her. I know an Ironman may seem like a big challenge but it's nothing compared to what a child with Autism goes through. This year Nicole and I are racing Ironman Florida. Our goal is to raise awareness with each stroke, pedal and stride for 140.6 miles. The struggles I see her go through have not only inspired me to be a better person but to encourage others to be better too. Before her diagnosis I will be the first to admit, I was judgmental, my compassion was running low, and my patience was short lived. Autism has taught me to not judge a book by it's cover. It's taught me to look beyond the first impressions. It's taught me to look for differences in others and embrace them. Join Team Bush on our journey to raise awareness for Autism and embrace differences! Donations will benefit Autism Hope Center. A local organization that provides free resources to families in the Chattahoochee Valley area.

Thank you Ride on Bikes for giving me the opportunity to Ride on!!"

~Ryan G. Bush~

Good Luck Ryan, Ride On Bikes wishes you all the best!