Baby it's cold outside...

We have seen the temperatures drop dramatically over the past few weeks, which has made riding bicycles a little chilly.  We have some options for you to make it your ride toasty warm and maybe be that missing gift for the cyclist on your list.
1. Dress in layers: Use many thin, warm layers rather than a few thick layers. It will insulate better and allow you to strip off layers if the temperature climbs.
2. Train your way through the holidays: We know turning your bike into a stationary bike might seem boring, but you can catch up on a TV show or a movie.  Bicycle trainers come in 3 basic options (wind, magnetic, fluid) and range from $150-$400.  Our favorite is the fluid trainer because of the low noise production.  The perk? 1 hour on the trainer is equal to about 1.5 hours on the road in energy expenditure.
3. Mountain Biking: Ever thought about mountain biking?  It's the trail running of cycling and it doesn't have to be extreme.  Since you are protected from the elements of wind and are moving slower, you'll stay warmer.  It's a great opportunity to work on your bike handling skills and develop supporting muscles.  Not sure where to start?  We have a group ride on Saturdays at 9am.  Locations alternate between Flat Rock Park and Fort Benning Trails.  This is open to everyone and no one is left behind.  Need a bike?  Rentals for this ride are free, just call ahead.