The great Riverwalk debate

Now that spring has officially arrived (can we say that without the weather changing?) there are bound to be more users of our Riverwalk.  More users equals more pedestrian traffic and higher chances of incidents.  Let's do our part to keep the Riverwalk safe for all by starting with these three simple steps: 1. Ride on the right side of the Riverwalk.  As a cyclist you are considered a moving vehicle.  That's what we fight for on the road isn't it?  The same rights as a car? By staying on the right side, the flow of traffic is kept to a manageable level and prevents confusion for oncoming traffic.  Normalcy will keep us a little safer.

2. Announce yourself when passing or just in general with a friendly "on your left". We can't tell you how scary it is for a beginner cyclist to have a rider buzz by them out of the blue.  That being said, make sure you leave your headphones at home (or at the very least keep them out while on the Riverwalk) so you can hear those announcements.

3. Ride a little slower.  Take the time that you ride on the Riverwalk to warm up or cool down.  We know your time is valuable but so is the safety of our community.  Slow down, enjoy the moment.

Ride On!


Urban Mountain Bike Race and Time Change Party

Our time change party will be here before you know it! We will kick it off this year with the first ever Urban Mountain Bike Race. This 1/2 mile 6 lap course will not disappoint with obstacles, music, and even a trip through The Mix Ultra Lounge. Open to ALL levels of racers. See you March 7 at 430pm!


Sitero Review

Some time ago I lost track of my race numbers.   I fail miserably at tracking my training and I'll ride just about any bike, in just about any type of clothing.  My friends and athletes have seen me out in my flip flops on a tri bike or wearing a sweat shirt on one of our group rides.  I roll with the punches most of the time.  We kind of have to, don't we?  That being said, there has been one constant in my racing and cycling career.  For 15+ years I have never sat squarely on my saddle and I can say with confidence that is not comfortable.  But as athletes we learn to embrace pain and suffering. That all changed when I discovered a new seat called Sitero by Specialized…

The pelvis is made up of several bones that, in conjunction with the lower back, work together to support the body’s weight, anchor abdominal and hip muscles, and protect delicate vital reproductive organs.  If the bones of the pelvis are not supported properly, the soft tissue of …well…”down there” takes the brunt of your torsos weight.  This ultimately results in numbness, tingling, inflammation, and possibly serious health concerns.

Historically, popular road performance bike saddles have been designed to be as skinny as possible, forcing the body to be supported on soft tissue.  However, there have been significant advances in saddle construction that allow for a more anatomically healthy position.  Specialized has recently released one of the highest blood flow rated seats on the market.  The Sitero (pronounced Sit Aero) tests at 98% percent blood flow (I’ll leave the testing methods to your imagination). The Pro model weighs in at 211 grams and is approximately 145mm at its widest point.  This is Specialized’ first split nose saddle designed for triathletes and is their answer to the ISM Adamo, etc.  It is reasonably priced at $175 for the Expert and $225 for the Pro.

The Sitero is not designed to be sat on at the tip or the nose, but rather in the perforated ‘sit zone’.  This is the area that is designed specifically to relieve pressure.  What is the difference between the Sitero and its competitors?  The Sitero focuses on the athlete sitting on the Pubic Rami (pelvis) rather than on the ischial tuberosities (sit bones).  Therefore, when in an aero position more blood flow is achievable.


The Cons are limited.  There is a small limitation with the fore and aft of the saddle since the rails are not long as some of the other aero saddles out there.  Therefore, although uncommon, it might not fit all athletes.  The saddle can be a little hard if you are used to a very cushioned seat.  However, it does soften up over a few rides.


The long story short is the Sitero has changed the way that I feel about riding.  I felt like I got too much flex from completely separated nose pieces such as the Adamo or Koobi and not enough support from other split seats.  The Sitero allows me to sit comfortably on my bike and gives me more than adequate blood flow.   I liked to ride my bike before but never looked forward to the after effects.  But now, I love to ride my bike and can’t wait for the next ride!

Where can you get your self on one of these seats?  Well right here at "probably the best bike shop in the world".



Ride the Riverwalk

Spring has sprung!

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We have an amazing resource at our finger tips, or should we say at our wheels.  Our Riverwalk is one of a kind and provides Columbus with a unique attraction for people of all ages.  With the warmer weather the traffic on Riverwalk will and has increased.  Keep these tips in mind when starting and finishing your rides:

Respect the Riverwalk

1. Be courteous to other riders and pedestrians. Stay to the RIGHT and pass on the LEFT.  Let people know if you are passing by calling out a friendly "on your left".
2. Keep your speed reasonable.  We know you've been waiting a long time for Spring.  Use the first couple miles and your last couple miles as your warm up and your cool down.  This will help keep you and those around you safe.
3. Unplug. If you ride with headphones consider keeping them off until you are off the Riverwalk.  This will help keep yousafe - aware of your surroundings and help others communicate their intentions.
If we all work together we can make Columbus the best it can be!

Coming Up at Ride On Bikes:

February 17 - 630pm - Real Men Use Oils - What's the new buzz on the streets of Columbus? Essential oils have the ability to heal and improve your quality of life, and it's not just for the ladies. Guys, join George Willock as he walks you through some of the dos and don'ts of DoTerra's essential oils on February 17 at 630pm here at the shop. Have questions? Email for more details. February 27 - 6pm - Fat Tires and Flat Tires - Join us as we break down the steps to fixing a flat tire.  Bring your front wheel and repair kit for a hands on experience.  We'll supply the CO2 and Fat Tire Beer.

March 6 - 6pm - Triathlon 101 - This is the first of a 4 part series on the basics of Triathlon.  Interested in getting into the sport, but not sure where to start?  Or maybe you have done some races and are looking for some extra pointers.  This is the class for you! Learn the training basics, required gear, and bring all your questions.  This is lead by USA Triathlon Coach and 9x Ironman athlete Joanne Cogle.

March 8 - 4pm - Time Change Party! - You won't want to miss this BLOCK PARTY.  Band, races, family friendly, and tons of Ride on FUN.

March 11 - 630pm - Tuesday Night Ride - The time has changed and our Tuesday night rides have returned!  We sure missed you this winter! Rentals are free for these rides, but please call ahead.

March 13 - 6pm- Be Byron: Keeping your Ride Clean - This is one of our most popular clinics.  Join our head mechanic Byron as he breaks down the basics of keeping your ride in tip top condition.

March 22 - 9am - Mountain Bike 102 - Brush up on your mountain bike skills with this 102 class. Join in the fun with our very own Josh Fix as he passes on his bike handling knowledge. This is one clinic you won't want to miss. As always, bike rentals are free, but please call the shop ahead of time so we know which bikes to bring with us.

Saturdays - 9am - Group Mountain Bike Ride - Jump into these fun group rides every Saturday.  We alternate between Flat Rock Park and Fort Benning Trail.  Call the shop or check it out on Facebook where we will be.  Need a bike?  Rentals are free, just call ahead or email




Bike Fit: Is it worth it?

Bike Fit: Is it worth it? This is one of the top questions that I am asked as a coach and as an experienced athlete. Is it worth spending the money on a professional fit? My answer is almost always a definite, confident, and firm YES. Any decent bike shop, and most definitely Ride On Bikes, will size you on a bike before you purchase it. Sizing, not be mistaken for fitting, means that you will be matched up with a bike that works well with your geometry and interests. Before you walk out the door, your seat and handlebars will be adjusted to a basic position that is comfortable for you. A basic position that will get you started in the right direction. You might be all set; however, you don’t need to wait to be in pain or training for an event to benefit from a custom bike fit. Most people will indefinitely be more comfortable and perform better following a professional bike fit. As a result, you’ll enjoy riding more. It can help reduce the risk of injury, increase bike handling abilities, increase safety, improve comfort, and often increase speed and efficiency.

A professional bike fit is just as in depth and scientific as actually riding your bike. The bike fit process ranges from 2-3 hours and includes a pre-fit interview, flexibility assessment to gauge where problems may exist and range of motion that need to be taken into consideration. Your cleats and shoes will be examined and adjusted if needed so as to ensure that your joints are tracking properly. Your ‘sit’ bones will be measured to ensure that you are on the right size saddle (getting comfortable isn’t always about getting the most cushion! You could be on the wrong width of seat.) Then positions are adjusted on the bike itself such as saddle heat, fore/aft (forward and backward) of the saddle, stem length (reach), and stem height (drop).

At the end of the process you will received a detailed report of your before and after positions, video, your exact measurements of the final bike fit, and a lot of helpful information you can carry forward. You’ll be asked to ride in your new position for a week or two and the professional fit specialist will follow up with you to make any further adjustments.

So is it worth it? I personally have been through numerous fits in my cycling/triathlon career and have never regretted a single one. Performance is important to me, but comfort trumps performance every time. You’ll walk away full of knowledge and feel great on your ride.

For more information on setting up a professional bike fit contact:

Baby it's cold outside...

We have seen the temperatures drop dramatically over the past few weeks, which has made riding bicycles a little chilly.  We have some options for you to make it your ride toasty warm and maybe be that missing gift for the cyclist on your list.
1. Dress in layers: Use many thin, warm layers rather than a few thick layers. It will insulate better and allow you to strip off layers if the temperature climbs.
2. Train your way through the holidays: We know turning your bike into a stationary bike might seem boring, but you can catch up on a TV show or a movie.  Bicycle trainers come in 3 basic options (wind, magnetic, fluid) and range from $150-$400.  Our favorite is the fluid trainer because of the low noise production.  The perk? 1 hour on the trainer is equal to about 1.5 hours on the road in energy expenditure.
3. Mountain Biking: Ever thought about mountain biking?  It's the trail running of cycling and it doesn't have to be extreme.  Since you are protected from the elements of wind and are moving slower, you'll stay warmer.  It's a great opportunity to work on your bike handling skills and develop supporting muscles.  Not sure where to start?  We have a group ride on Saturdays at 9am.  Locations alternate between Flat Rock Park and Fort Benning Trails.  This is open to everyone and no one is left behind.  Need a bike?  Rentals for this ride are free, just call ahead.

November 18 Alternative Transportation Plan Open House

We need your help again.  We have another opportunity to change our community for the better.  On November 18 there will be an open house for the alternative transportation initiative.  This is a chance for the cycling/running/walking/active community to voice their opinions and support for a safer alternative transportation community.  Help us rally together! Hope to see you there. ATP18Nov


Light It Up Blue for Autism!

Our local Autism chapter needs our help. Join us for the first Light it up Blue for Autism Night Bike Ride November 9, 2013. Registration isn't necessary, but your gift will help supply our local autism chapter with tools needed for therapy. $25 grabs you a tshirt, glow stick, and raffle ticket for a glow in the dark Pure Fix bike. $50 grabs you a tshirt, glow stick and a raffle ticket for Jason's $10k Specialized Venge. Register Here. Light-it-up-Blue

Light it up 4x6 Back

Ride All Year

Winter bike blues?  The weather is becoming unpredictable and it's getting cooler.  As a result, a lot of us (unless we are hardcore) tend to park our bikes in the garage and wait the winter months out.  Why not step outside your box and try something Mountain Biking?  This is a great way to strengthen your core muscles, improve your bike handling skills, and give yourself a change of scenery. You probably have flashes of yourself flying head over heels and crashing into a tree, or showing up to work with your arm in a sling.  Rest assured, not all mountain biking is about bombing down hills at an unprecedented rate of speed or jumping over big boulders.  Mountain biking can be pretty tame if you want it to be.  We all had to start somewhere.  We have a number of trail systems in our area that are conducive to beginner riders.  Flat Rock Park can be divided into sections and taken one at a time.  Still a little nervous or not sure where to start?  We are hosting a Mountain Bike 101 clinic, taught by our rock star friend Josh Fix on November 16 at 9am.  Don't have a bike?  We'll have our demos out there waiting for you.  See, you're running out of excuses.  Don't worry, we will return you in one piece in time for the Georgia/Auburn game. josh

Pedaling for Kids

Looking for a ride this coming weekend? Pedaling for Kids’ is a non-profit charity created and committed to raise monies to fund special projects and purchase needed equipment for disabled children in our local community. The goal of ‘Pedaling for Kids’ is to provide necessary items for the disabled children in our community not provided for by other insurance and governmental agencies. 'Pedaling for Kids' Annual Fall Bike Ride

Saturday, October 19, 2013 at 9am- National Infantry Museum

30 Mile & Metric Century Rides :

- Stay on Ft. Benning

- Riders who raise $200 for 'Pedaling for Kids' will have their entry fee waived, plus receive a FREE road bike jersey (valued at $75)!!

-Entry fee of $30 if donations cannot be raised

-A free grilled lunch and awesome swag bag are included

-SAG stops with hydration and snacks every 15 miles

This is not a race, it's a bike ride. All skill-levels are invited

Register at

Light It Up Blue

Our local Autism chapter needs our help. Join us for the first Light it up Blue for Autism Night Bike Ride November 9, 2013. Registration isn't necessary, but your gift will help supply our local autism chapter with tools needed for therapy. $25 grabs you a tshirt, glow stick, and raffle ticket for a glow in the dark Pure Fix bike. $50 grabs you a tshirt, glow stick and a raffle ticket for Jason's $10k Specialized Venge. Register Here. Light-it-up-Blue

Light it up 4x6 Back

Bikes Change Lives

freeMany of us can look back and remember our first bicycle. Maybe you asked for it for your birthday, maybe Santa read your Christmas list, or maybe you saved your paper route money. Regardless, that first set of two wheels marked a special time in your life. Your ‘play’ territory increased ten-fold. The independence that you felt made you feel invincible. However, at some point in your life, at least for those of us who are older, life got in the way. Riding your bike to school lost its fame in high school. That bike became collected dust in your dorm as college classes and parties took precedence over riding. That dust became rust as it moved into the garage when marriage and kids came your way. We have all lived it at some point in our lives. Do you still crave that freedom that you felt as a kid? We think you do, and if you don’t, we know you secretly do. There is no doubt in our minds that a bicycle can change your life. Bikes are affordable, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly, and promote health and a sense of community. Here at Ride On Bikes it is our mission to make your ride the best possible, whether it be finding the perfect fit, showing you how to use your gears, finding you a water bottle cage that will actually keep your water bottle on your bike, helping your chose the right flat kit and actually showing you how to change your tire, or nudging you to remind you not to wear underwear under your bike shorts.

So if your bike is collecting dust, or maybe rust, give it a second chance. Let us show you how to slow down and feel the wind in your hair (under a helmet of course). Come in and see us, let us help change your life. Ride On Friends, Ride On.

Action for Autism

269523_2171009520631_1559490_nRyan Bush rides for a reason, he rides with a purpose, he rides to show that we can do anything when we put our minds to it no matter the obstacle is. He writes: "Ride on Bikes has given me a chance to Race for a reason and ride for a reason and for that I am forever grateful. This is why I ride and race to show Action for Autism : Action for Autism is a chance for Nicole and I to race for more than the finish line. It's an opportunity for us to bring AWARENESS and ACCEPTANCE of those effected by Autism. Each race: 5k, half marathon, full ironman.... gives us an opportunity to share our story, to share our love for our family. When Gracie was first diagnosed we made a choice, a choice to jump to action. To get the therapies, the medicine... whatever it takes to help her have a fulfilled life. Along the way we realized the best, most important thing we can do for her is to EMBRACE her and surround her by people that love her. I know an Ironman may seem like a big challenge but it's nothing compared to what a child with Autism goes through. This year Nicole and I are racing Ironman Florida. Our goal is to raise awareness with each stroke, pedal and stride for 140.6 miles. The struggles I see her go through have not only inspired me to be a better person but to encourage others to be better too. Before her diagnosis I will be the first to admit, I was judgmental, my compassion was running low, and my patience was short lived. Autism has taught me to not judge a book by it's cover. It's taught me to look beyond the first impressions. It's taught me to look for differences in others and embrace them. Join Team Bush on our journey to raise awareness for Autism and embrace differences! Donations will benefit Autism Hope Center. A local organization that provides free resources to families in the Chattahoochee Valley area.

Thank you Ride on Bikes for giving me the opportunity to Ride on!!"

~Ryan G. Bush~

Good Luck Ryan, Ride On Bikes wishes you all the best!


Snakes and Cycling

Cycling, of any sort, is very therapeutic to me. I often find myself dreaming up some of my best ideas, work related or recreational, while riding a bike. I design a lot of art projects, make promises to clean up my nutrition or start stretching more, and in general a plan to save the world. Some of these ideas stay on the road. Some are started but never finished. Yet some come to life and are testaments that cycling is truly good for the soul. One of my reoccurring thoughts, however, is slightly darker in nature and creeps into my thoughts more often than I would like. Not being from the South myself, I haven't encountered many snakes and the ones which I've had the pleasure of meeting have not been fortunate to make it across the road. However, I was out riding with a few friends on a warm summer night a while back, deep in conversation about an upcoming race, and I did not realize that I had drifted close to the side of the pavement. Above the wind I briefly heard a rattle and as if in slow motion, saw the rattlesnake curled up in the grass uncoil and narrowly miss my calf as I rotated through my pedal stroke. I don't scream very often, but this made me yelp in fright! That close call made me think...what if I were riding, alone, on Fort Benning (or anywhere actually) away from civilization? What would I do? Here are a few tips to think about:

1. Call emergency services or get to a hospital. Most snake bites aren't poisonous, but when you do get bitten by a poisonous snake, getting medical care as soon as possible is imperative. 2. Take note of the snake's appearance. 3. Move away from the snake. 4. Be as still as possible. If you're waiting for help to arrive, lie down on your back and take deep, steady breaths to calm yourself down. Don't move your body more than necessary; the goal is to get your heart rate back down as fast as possible. 5. Remove clothing or constricting items. 6. Cover the bite lightly, then leave it alone. After that, leave it to the paramedics to treat it further. There are many myths about what to do in case of snake bite; almost all of them just make the problem worse. 7. Receive anti-venom. Snakes have different types of venom; some affect the blood, while others affect the nervous system. Getting a dose of the right kind of anti-venom when the paramedics arrive is the most effective way to reverse the complications caused by the snake's poison. 8. Wait it out. If you're out in the middle of nowhere, with no hope of paramedics getting there soon, the best you can do is get as comfortable as possible and wait for the poison to leave your system. In most cases, snakes don't inject enough venom for the bite to be fatal. Treat the individual symptoms that may be occurring, and most importantly, stay calm. Fear of snakes and the anxiety that follows the bite are often what leads to fatalities, since a pounding heart makes the poison spread so quickly.

So next time you come up on what you think is just a dead branch in the middle of the road, take the long way around it and stay away from the long grass on the sides of the road!

Ride on my friends, ride on.

What you've been misssing...

In case you haven't been by the shop in a while, we've got a ton of new stuff you need to see/feel/eat/buy! We just got in our first shipment of performance eyewear from SPY (, awesome transition bags from OGIO (, a sick Cervelo P5 Six and R5 VWD frame, and Boyd Wheels (! Not to mention all the Peanut Butter Gu's, Olympia Granola Bars, and delicious Stinger Waffles you can eat! Come see what you've been missing...