Cycling and Nutrition -Karen Linden

When you go on a ride you make sure to have all the essentials with you.   You make sure to have all the equipment you need in order to ride effectively -tire kit, helmet, shoes, gloves, glasses and the list goes on.  But the looming question is, "Do you have the proper nutrition?" Proper nutrition is one area that we tend to take for granted and not pay enough attention to and we are talking more than food and water.   It is all the vitamins and minerals that make the difference.  If we are off balance in any of the required vitamins and minerals your body will let you know.

Can you name a mineral that not only gives you energy but regulates metabolism of carbohydrate, fat, and protein?  Still trying to figure it out?  It’s Magnesium.  Magnesium is essential for all cyclists but also in so many other aspects of our lives as well.  Your body is a miracle and wonder in how it operates.  It is constantly working hard to make sure that it is balanced so that all of your organs, cells, and systems work properly to keep you alive.  If you are deficient in any vitamin or mineral than it will throw your body into a downward spiral.  When your bodies are out of balance you tend to feel sluggish, tired, sick, slow, wiped out, grumpy, and so many other things that I'm sure your partner or friends can describe. We are all unique and therefore should never follow a cookie-cutter plan and individualize plans are the most beneficial.  Ask a nutritionist  or a nutritional life coach to fully analyze your nutritional needs and develop a plan that is right for you. Everyone's body is different and every changing so your plan needs to change as well.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me, Karen Linden, at 440-610-8444 OR  Happy cycling!