IMPORTANT: Georgia HB 689

We are sure that you have seen Georgia HB 689 information floating around. This is real and has been verified friends. Let's rally behind this and kill this bill! Highlights from Georgia HB 689: Cyclists on public roads must ride single file. Cyclists on public roads cannot ride in groups of more than 4 people. Bicycles must have license plates. Bicycles must pay a registration tax. This would essentially ban all group rides in the state of Georgia. Let's kill this bill before it ever hits the house floor (be sure to mention HB 689 specifically): Call Lt. Gov Casey Cagle at 404-656-5030 Email Lt. Gov Casey Cagle at Find your local representative here: Even if you're not from Georgia, and you just think this bill would be an awful precedent for cycling everywhere, flooding the Lt. Gov. and the representatives with your concerns would help make the point.

Pass this on to your other GA riding buddies.

Call your representative and make some racket!