Ride All Year

Winter bike blues?  The weather is becoming unpredictable and it's getting cooler.  As a result, a lot of us (unless we are hardcore) tend to park our bikes in the garage and wait the winter months out.  Why not step outside your box and try something new...like Mountain Biking?  This is a great way to strengthen your core muscles, improve your bike handling skills, and give yourself a change of scenery. You probably have flashes of yourself flying head over heels and crashing into a tree, or showing up to work with your arm in a sling.  Rest assured, not all mountain biking is about bombing down hills at an unprecedented rate of speed or jumping over big boulders.  Mountain biking can be pretty tame if you want it to be.  We all had to start somewhere.  We have a number of trail systems in our area that are conducive to beginner riders.  Flat Rock Park can be divided into sections and taken one at a time.  Still a little nervous or not sure where to start?  We are hosting a Mountain Bike 101 clinic, taught by our rock star friend Josh Fix on November 16 at 9am.  Don't have a bike?  We'll have our demos out there waiting for you.  See, you're running out of excuses.  Don't worry, we will return you in one piece in time for the Georgia/Auburn game. josh