Why We Ride

The bike is an extension of the rider. Hands on the bars. Feet to the pedals. Ass in the saddle. When bike and rider are in harmony, amazing things are possible. Whether it be bombing down descents, powering up climbs or sprinting to the line, every bit of power, speed and aerodynamics is utilized. Your body is the only limitation. It is something constantly sought after yet rarely realized, but when it is found, the experience is revelatory. It's as if you are one with your bike. You glide over tarmac, engrossed in the rhythmic turning of the pedals. Eyes focused on nothing else but the three feet in front of your wheel. You feel strong. Oh yeah, today's gonna be a good day. That root system that always sent you walking seemed effortless. That hill that always left you out of breath and out of gears was conquered with oxygen to spare. The spot in the pace line where you always popped and got shot out the back came and went, but today you’re sitting second wheel and feeling good. Things you could never do before, but today you never thought twice about it.

- That's why I ride