Chattahoochee Challenge Adventure Race

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We are excited for third annual Chattahoochee Challenge Adventure Race of our Race Series. This event is open to all levels and requires minimal orienteering/map reading skills. So grab a friend or two and make a team up to 3 persons. (Solo racing is not recommended)

The distances this year will be 4 Hour Adventure Race in the Uptown and Riverwalk areas. Competitors will begin the race by choosing a colored marble to determine which discipline they will begin with - trek/run, whitewater raft, or bike. Teams will navigate their way through the course using plotting and mapping techniques, checking off points as they progress. We will be starting with a whitewater portion and include the new Zipline course for extra points.

*Teams will begin by drawing a colored marble to determine with leg of the race they will begin at after this leg is completed they may choose the remainder legs.

*Disciplines include: 
-Trekking/Running/Hiking x2 (total distance to equal 5-6 miles) -Biking (total distance 10-12 miles)-Please provide your own bike (any type).
-white water (total distance 1-2 miles)

-Special events (x3).
*Teams check/punch their cards at each check point. Each check point has an assigned value. The winner is determined by which team can check as many/all check points in the least amount of time possible. 

If teams go over the allotted 4 hour time limit time deductions are assessed.

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