**Where is packet pickup?**

Packet pickup will be at Ride On Bikes located at 1036 Broadway on Friday March 8th from 2-5:30 PM.

**Can I get my packet the morning of the ride?**

Packet Pickup and day of registration will open at 6:30 the morning of the ride and staff will be available to help before each ride rolls out. Please be on time!

**Where do I need my bib number?**

Bib numbers should be visible on your left side for the gate guards at Fort Benning.

**When does the clock start for the century riders?**

Times will start for all riders as the ride leaves Ride On Bikes. There will be a neutral lead out with a police escort including special guests from Fort Benning. All riders must stay behind the escort until the escort pulls off. We don’t recommend trying your luck. If you are concerned about your starting placement, get there early!

**Lost and Found?**

We will have lost items at the Ride On Bikes front counter after the ride. Be sure to check your gear and come claim your things at any point during the party that evening.