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Seal kits for DVO suspension forks. - Fits Onyx DC and SC forks
The ProRate Spring is designed to fit both Jade and Jade X rear shock models, offering the longest spring life of any lightweight steel spring on the market. - Up to 125lbs. of progressive rate coil; great for big-hit support, aggressive riders or linear linkage designs - Lightweight and high-quality Japanese steel - Retains spring-rate up to 1,000,000 compressions
Replacement air spring parts for Diamond model suspension forks.
A five-piece IGUS bushing spacer kit for mounting rear shocks. - Compatible with x eyelet shocks using IGUS bushings mounted in the shock eyelet - Select the correct hardware kit for your mounting bolt diameter (e.g. 6mm, 8mm) and frame mount width (e.g. 22mm, 24mm)
IGUS bushing kit for rear mounted shocks. - Compatible with DVO and Fox rear shocks
Seal replacement kit for Jade model rear shocks.
Service kit for Topaz model rear shocks.
Damper rebuild kit for Topaz model rear shocks.
Travel reduction kit for Diamond model suspension forks.
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